Monday, June 29, 2009

My 25th Celebrations!

I am so thankful for 25. I know its going to be a good year. We had many celebrations with family and friends and I felt very loved! We met up with friends at Jim & Nicks on Friday the 19th and then went to Strike and Spare to bowl. Then Saturday night, we celebrated with the Wests and then on Sunday we celebrated Fathers Day and my b-day at J. Alexanders. It was wonderful. Thank you to all my friends & family that made it so special!

atl continued..

The Fray!

sorry it's been a while.. life has been ca-razy!!! mattie, carlene, kendell, and i went to atlanta june 12th weekend for the fray concert! we had a blast that weekend and wouldn't have changed anything.. except the rain! oh. my. gosh. i really don't think you understand the rain until you see how WET we are. it was a wonderful concert and we were so sad the way that the weather was, but a special thank you to rebecca and jay for picking us up in the rain!! we went to brio (duh) & had a wonderful weekend together. carlene and i had fun going to babies r us and gap maternity for her and getting excited for baby grubb to arrive (mid december).. while the boys were shopping for golf gadgets. we love yall!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Show!!!

I am really excited, my sweet friend Leslie Ann is having a home show for me! It is going to be at her adorable townhome in Franklin. The date is: July 19th from 2-4! Hope you can come!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Life in Ruins..

Cassady, Donna, Mom and I went to see "My Life in Ruins" last Friday night. It was GREAT! We all had a great time and laughed out loud (enough that a couple in front of us gave us a big "shhh").. I don't think it's possible for the 4 of us to be quiet or be phased by a "shhh".. anyway, it was so cute and I would highly recommend it! Thanks, Cass for babysitting me on Friday night too! It was so fun to have you spend the night!