Friday, July 24, 2009

Pet Sitting

We kept Duke one night a few weeks ago and here are the brothers together. They had a great time hanging out and Bentley, I must say, was a good host!

a few more pics from San Fran- wish we could go back!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


so Mattie is out of town and I am so sad without him here, so i am doing this dumb games.. like this ABC one. hope this is interesting to one person.
thanks for reading. :)

A - Age: 25
B - Bed size: Queen- not too big, not too small.
C - Chore you hate: sweeping up dog hair off the floor- it mainly annoys me most because just as soon as i finish and turn around there is more.
D - Dog's name: Bentley and I still consider Duke (pooksterie) a dear pup.
E - Essential start your day item: contacts
F - Favorite color: pink and celery green not together, but apart, simply from our dorm room i can't see it combined anymore.
G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: plat. duh- but i do love gold jewelry for dressing up
H - Height: 5'2. bummer
I - Instruments you play: piano (?) i love to sing.
J - Job title: Dental Assistant. stationery queen
K - Kid(s): 3. please but not for a while
L - Living arrangements: ? love my matttie and benny- good roomies
M - Mom's name: Rebecca Linn Richter Naish
N - Nicknames: Aubs, Aub, Aubsie, Aubie
P - Pet Peeve: liars, waking up in the middle of the night/ not being able to go to sleep and just lying there, men that don't wear their wedding rings, i feel like i have a lot, kids that aren't disiplined, people that are ALWAYS late.
Q - Quote from a movie: I'm a mouse, duh.
R - Right handed or left handed: Right
S - Siblings: 1 brother, Kneebs
T - Time you wake up: different every day
U- Underwear: of course
V - Vegetable you dislike: mostly all of them
W - Ways you run late: i try not to
X - X-rays you've had: teeth mainly. stomach.
Y - Yummy food you make: baked goods, salads, pasta, chicken dishes
Z - Zoo favorite: zeeeebras

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So I have been working on getting stuff ready for a garage sale this Saturday and feeling pretty good about cleaning out.. hope the sale is successful! I am hoping for $100!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


This is dedicated to my love. I LOVE this song and it reminds me of everything we've had, have, and will have together.
I love you, Mattie.

All the walls just fall away
Feeling stronger every day
I can see it in your eyes
When you laugh when you cry

This is more than summer wind
This is nowhere I have been
You have made me unafraid
Just to stay

If all I heard was your promise
And all you felt was my touch
If all we had was each other
We'd have enough, enough

All the drifting wounded hearts
Wish for love on distant stars
I was lost so many years
Now I'm found 'cause you are here

So just look at me again
'Cause now you're my everything
I could never ask for more
So it's enough, yeah it's enough

If all I heard was your promise
And all you felt was my touch
If all we had was each other
We'd have enough, enough

I've been holding on for so long
To all these static dreams
But now I know I can let 'em go
I don't need anything

If all I heard was your promise
And all you felt was my touch
If all we had was each other
We'd have enough
If all I heard was your promise
And all you felt was my touch
If all we had was each other
We'd have enough

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ghirardelli Square

All I can say is YUM. And that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We BOTH got a Sundae & couldn't even finish!! It was so good though! I wish I could have taken it in a doggy bag, but I am afraid the end result wouldn't have been so glam.

San Fran!

Mattie and I had a blast in San Francisco!! It was the perfect vacation for us this year and we are already planning to go back. We did all the tourist stuff (Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, Chinatown, Lombard Street, etc.) BUT one of our favorite days was driving from San Fran to Carmel down highway 1 by the Pacific Ocean. It was BEAUTIFUL and neither of us had ever seen those beaches. We went thru Santa Cruz and went to Pebble Beach where we were able to get out and look at the golf course. This was really neat for both of us and I wish Mattie could have played! He was dying to (but the green fees are realllly expensive, so not this time :) ) Anyway, we got to take pics and see where they will play the 2010 US Open which was neat. We also spent the first night we were there at a Giants game. It was awesome! The Giants killed the Astros-- 13-0! Such a fun time! Awesome trip--, a wonderful anniversary trip that we were both so blessed on!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mattie, Happy 2nd Anniversary! I am soo thankful for you and couldn't ask for a better husband! You make my life complete! I can't believe 2 years ago we were getting married!!! Love you with all my heart!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Collins!

so much has been going on it's hard to blog about everything, but Liz did have an amazing weekend and we had a blast! Here are the top pics from the wedding until I have more time to write! she was a stunning bride and obviously we were soo excited for both of them!! we love you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009