Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas. I love everything about it-- celebrating Jesus's birthday, family, friends, food, and just relaxing for the day visiting. I was thinking earlier today about all the traditions that my family had growing up. For one, my mom would get us an ornament each year from Christmas village. I got all different types: from princesses, teachers, dogs, etc. I love all of them and get so excited each year to put them on our tree. My parents also would give Davis and me pajamas each Christmas eve, as well as a stuffed animal. We enjoyed both and looked forward to them every year. To this day, I love p,j's and I think this started my love for them! Davis and I would always open each other's presents. On Christmas morning, Davis and I would wake up, go get our parents, and once they were posed with the cameras, we would walk in. It never failed, Santa stubbed his toe. My dad later described each Christmas as a "toy store". I couldn't say he was wrong-- I don't know how they did it, but we always got something special that was really hard for Santa to find. I love Santa. I will believe in Santa until I die. He never let me down.

I hope that we can all look at Christmas through the eyes of a child and truly experience the miracle of Christmas.


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

I love Christmas, too Aubs!! hope you get everything you want and that Santa brings you everything you asked for!! love you guys and hope your Christmas is wonderful.

ps-thank you for helping my husband find my Christmas gift. You and Emily are the best!!