Monday, January 12, 2009

Girl Trip to Chicago!

Emily, Cherry and I had the best time in Chicago! We left Friday morning and sat on the runway for about an hour because it was too cold in Chicago to land.. however, this didn't phase us one bit. As soon as we arrived in Chicago, we grabbed our bags, and headed for the "El". We loved taking the "El" and I must admit we were very proud of our sense of direction getting around the city. We got to our hotel, dropped off our stuff and started shopping!!! We had 2 full days of nothing but fun, laughs, shopping, and good food. We went to Giordano's Pizza (which was fantastic!) and this adorable lunch place called Minnie's recommended to us by 2 guys no less! They had a full menu of mini sandwiches-- it was so great!

Perhaps my favorite part of the trip was our visit to the American Girl store. It was incredible--- It brought me back to my childhood and I loved getting to see all the dolls. They are so creative and unique.. love them!!

I am so thankful for two wonderful friends who make my life very fun!! Love you girlies!!


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

yay for girl trips!! and yay for 2 friends that took tons of pictures to document the trip! what would i do without you guys???