Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Babies Babies everywhere!!!

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WE are sooo excited for Emily and Jonas! They are going to be having a beautiful baby girl! Avery is due August 10th and is measuring perfect and doing great! Em and Jonas had a fantastic *REVEAL* party last Friday night that was so much fun. Emily made her famous cupcakes and put pink filing inside! We all bit into the cupcakes at once & saw the PINK! So exciting! We have been praying for sweet Avery since we heard you were preggo and will continue to do so! It's so fun to buy cute stuff!!! (for other people's babies!!) We love you! ALSO, our other two cuties are doing great too! Emma Grubb and Lofton Wood are healthy and happy and we are having so much fun getting to hang out with these two!! Life is happpy and sweet!


Em said...

babies are everywhere it seems. cant wait for when you pop one out :) i will throw you a reveal party!!

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

that picture of us finding out is hilarious. I look like my dad just surprised me with a pony :) and I'll help Em throw you a reveal party the day you find out pink/blue (when that day comes :))