Monday, August 2, 2010


I have been doing a lot of praying & deep thinking lately. It's hard to go through any amount of life without both, especially prayer. I have ALWAYS believed in the power of prayer and just knowing that the Lord hears us when we pray has always been a comfort to me. It doesn't mean He doesn't hear us when we don't get an immediate answer, but I know through everything, He wants what is best for us, even when at times that is hard to swollow. At church yesterday, Mike talked about happiness and treasures. He said one thing that really stuck out to me: The Bible doesn't say much about happiness, it talks a lot of JOY but those are two different things. I feel like I always think "well so and so is doing this", "so and so is soo happy because they have ________." Happiness does not mean being right with God nor does unhappiness mean that we are not pursuing the Lord's will for our life. I just always seem to equate the too-- that when we love the Lord, we are going to blessed more with happiness. A verse that Susie and I memorized years ago was the main emphesis of the sermon... Matthew 6:21--- For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. I hope that this challenges you to pray and think where we are all putting our happiness and treasure..


Kat said...

This is a beautiful post Aubrey, I love you.